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Google Employess Weigh in On Alphabet

s the dust settles around Google's Alphabet announcement yesterday, the company has been eerily quiet. Google+ pages haven't been updated, there's no movement on official blogs, and a blanket press statement is issued to any email queries. But there are a small handful of Google employees who are giving their

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visual simulations give us a glimpse of what it might look like to see the world through bionic eyes. Since the FDA’s approval of the world’s first bionic eye system, the Argus II, more and more people who were once blind can now see (more than 80 by March 2014, according to a study in Neuroscience Letters). Although researchers estimated that the vision would be close to a grainy black and white film with a visual acuity of 20/1260, as opposed to general healthy vision of 20/20, there wasn’t a very robust model to back this up

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The researchers note that previous work has specifically linked color perception on the blue-yellow axis with the neurotransmitter. But new research shows these linguistic pairings may be more than just metaphor: Our emotions can actually affect how we perceive colors. (P.S. Find out What Your Eye Color Says About How