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Google Employess Weigh in On Alphabet

As the dust settles around Google’s Alphabet announcement yesterday, the company has been eerily quiet. Google+ pages haven’t been updated, there’s no movement on official blogs, and a blanket press statement is issued to any email queries. But there are a small handful of Google employees who are giving their opinions, on Quora, the question-answering website.

Every dark night is always followed by a beautiful morning.

One question posed towards current and former employees asks “What do Google employees think of the creation of Alphabet Inc?”


All in all, the responses are positive. it seems as if the employees are still unsure who will sign their paychecks come December.

DeepMind engineer Jack Rae, who used to work at Quora, wrote that this was his first year at Google. Without being distracted by the mission of Google search, Rae writes.

Alphabet In the Future

Sundar thinks and talks fast. Sundar gets and passionately pursues a vision of the future that is cloud-based, mobile, multi-device, and infinitely connected. A great example is that, for years he didn’t want to go a cloud storage system for generic storage (e.g. Google Drive) because there wouldn’t be “files” in the future.

And then there was the software engineering intern, Shine Wang, who gave the insider-but-not-yet-inside perspective on Alphabet:
Our intern Hangouts chat exploded – everyone wondered if their conversion offers would indicate which PA-turned-company they would be placed under, whether it might affect the placement of new employees, and so on. We laughed at the SV Easter egg in the website’s source code. But for me, an intern ineligible for conversion (yet) and without stock in the company, I just coded away, listening to music on my headphones.
Just Monday as usual.

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